A morning in Silao

Sunday morning we went down the hill to catch a bus downtown. We waited, and waited... Then we took a cab. A brother from the congregation was waiting for us to drive us to Silao, so we couldn't wait forever to catch a bus. It was time for my brother to have his talk in an english congregation. At nine in the morning. Ouch! It was a very small congregation. I think that in the end we were around 13. Lovely brothers and sisters!!

Silao is not a pretty town. It's well known. It's rundown and there's really not much to see. Actually nothing. What is truly amazing is to see the Kingdom hall. You drive by blocks with houses in bad shape, and you don't expect to see what you see when you arrive to Kingdom hall. It's like its own little paradise.

My brother did really well. It's his first talk and he had it in Swedish for the first time just a few months before. He then had it in english two times before he left Sweden and then one time in San Diego, one time in Guanajuato, and now in Silao. I'm so impressed with him! The grammar, pronunciation and well all of it. It's impressive! Especially how new this is for him and that he's far away in a foreign country. It was very special to be a part of this. We were there with him on the other side of the world hearing him give his talk to this grateful small congregation. For me that was very special!

I don't want to raise my brother to the skies here. He's humble and I don't want to change that. I'm just saying it's impressive to do so well with a second language and in a new situation, and to be a part of that was a great experience. That's that!

After the meeting we went back to Guanajuato to make the most of our last full day there...

 To be continued...

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