Leon - shopping time

Leon is an hour from Guanajuato by bus. Those very comfy buses where you can lay down, and you get these really great chickpeas snacks. Yum! I was half asleep all the way to Leon, being sick and all... And when we got there I was feeling pretty sleepy. Not a good start to a shopping spree. Because that's why we were there. To shop!

Shoes, shoes and more shoes
Bags and food carts

They make leather there, so shoes and bags are the big thing! It's everywhere! Street after street... My plan was to buy many bags and a few pair of shoes. I had a long list of things that I need. I got one bag. And one pair of shoes. (pic of my purchases will come later) Oh well...i'm not the biggest shopping girl. Jonathan got two bags. We didn't have much room in our luggage anyway ;) ...and I was happy we didn't get home empty handed.

A sunset can make any city look nice...

Leon isn't the prettiest city. I didn't know that when I dragged my somewhat heavy camera to this place. Jonathan and I took turns carrying it. And I was determine to get a few shots. Just because...

I did. But I should remember not to bring my camera when the main event is shopping!

Thank you Jess for coming along to guide us to the best stores, translate - even when we're bargaining and offering fashion opinions :) Glad you found some shoes too!

I really wanted to go back one more time, but there wasn't any time for that!

...until next time!

Over and out!

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