Mexico City

Oh where to begin. So different from the quiet peaceful island. One of the biggest cities in the world. And a couple of very busy days. First, meeting my brother, Robert - Robbie - Roberto - Rob - "Mr Good Hair"! :) With him were his friends Xóchitl (Sochill) and Jessica (Jess). Who are now our friends too :)

Brother and sister
After hugging and all that we did something that is sort of the Mexico City "thing" - we walk! And walk and walk and walk...  Oh and the thing about walking in this city is that you never get anywhere. That's how big it is...

Carlos, Jonathan, Stella
We stayed with a very nice couple, Carlos and Stella. In a very old and cold house, but big and beautiful. They only live there temporarily. It was very nice of them to open their home for us. And we enjoyed staying up talking about how things work in the field service in Mexico. They are circuit overseers in the Mexico City area. Miss them already!

Kingdom Hall
Monday morning we got up early to travel to Bethel which is on the outskirts of MC. Of course a lot of walking, then subway (which include a lot of walking too), taxi and then some more walking. The funny thing is that when we found a taxi/van the driver turned out to be a study of a JW. Isn't that something?! Xóchitl spent that hour talking to him. A nice beginning to a day at Bethel. He was very nice and offered to pick us up and drive us to our next stop. But we stayed so long at Bethel that we never made it. We managed to tell him though. 

Bethel: It's big!!! Three big buildings with translation, printery, dining hall and apartments. Besides that there's Kingdom Halls, one Assembly hall, gym, football and basketball field, laundry and probably more that I don't know about. The maintaining of these properties is huge and requires a lot of people working on it. And that they do willingly and voluntarily! Our guide was funny and took us on the official tour to the printery. Which was so cool! I've never been to one so it was amazing to see. Of course a lot of walking since it's so big.

After that he took us to one of the translation offices, since he's an overseer there. That was very fascinating as well! The work they put into translating is just incredible. They need to learn grammar for three languages and they translate and retranslate many times before it's done. One magazine like Awake takes one month to translate. They even have people in the part of the country where the language/dialect is spoken so they can catch up on terms and expressions they use so they will truly understand the meaning of the article. I think that's pretty amazing!

Also the amount of research that is put into write an article is fascinating. You can be 100% sure that whatever you read in the Watchtower and Awake is accurate. I haven't and will never doubt that!!

Look at more photos from Bethel here!

Bethel was truly the highlight and also the main purpose of the trip to Mexico City. As a city i'm not very fond of it. In fact I couldn't wait to get out of there. I actually blame the city for us getting sick. The air isn't very clean. But there was something other than Bethel that was really great about MC. The food! Yum, yum, yum!! And luckily we had two sweet spanish talking, food loving girls with us to guide us through their tacos! Finally some delicious food! Apparently they put lime, salt and salsa on everything. I already love lime. I do like spicy food, but this is on another level and it took a few meals before I really dug into the salsa. That last place - mmm!!! But oh my, my lips were burning after ;) And let's not forget about the Crema de Cajeta ;)

More photos from our adventures in Mexico City, here!

So what else is there to say about Mexico City, besides that it's BIG? I'm grateful beyond words for the worldwide family that we have!

There is nothing better I tell ya!

Sunset outside of Bethel

Over and out!

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