Guanajuato part 3 - The list

The last few days in Guanajuato we tried to enjoy it to the fullest. And we had a lot of  things on our list of things to do.

Saturday we went out in the service. This time from door-to-door. It was a nicer area with a lot of grand houses. All with big fat gates and big barking dogs. A bit different than in Sweden. We all paired up with a spanish talking sister, because even if we're looking for people that speaks english you need to introduce yourself in spanish. To just ask "hablas ingles?" works in the street service, and that I can pull off. But when you walk up to someones house and knock on their door you can't just ask if they speak english and then walk away if they don't... And to politely ask and explain why is a little over my league. Suprise, surprise! The sister I teamed up with was really nice and we talked a lot. The weather was lovely and I loved feeling the heat of the sun on my face. It's funny though, because for them it's winter and they dress up in warm clothes. They wouldn't survive a day in Sweden ;) We didn't meet a lot of people that day. But it was still a really nice time, getting to know the sister. Who I - am embarrassed to say - can't remember the name of right now :( Very frustrating, because I do know it. I wanna say Angelica...but maybe I shouldn't guess... I'm hopeless sometimes. I do have a photo though!

House wall
Two lovely sisters
Door-to-door service

My brother, Jonathan and I went downtown for lunch after the service. It's a very lovely café where the tables are on a little brigde/ledge. It's nice to sit there and look at the people walking on the street below. Also there was this musician under the bridge playing some music. That, combined with the sun shining, a good meal and a cold beer made it the perfect lunch! And guess what we had? Thai food. In Mexico. Huh? Well they did make it in their own way. Delicious!

That was the perfect recharge of energy that we needed and after that we took a stroll through Guanajuatos streets. My brother lead the way. This was another thing on our to-do-lost. Walk around and take photos. So yes, I took a lot of photos! Some of them you find here. Enjoy!

Tunnels are very unique for Guanajuato

After a day in Leon (friday) and a busy saturday I needed some rest again. The medicine I got was really good, but I was still fighting an infektion. So I went back to our lovely apartment to snuggle with the cat and get some rest while Jonathan and my brother continued in the service. Actually they had a bible study! They went to a café to study with him. We sure are in Mexico.

Later that evenening we had plans with our Swedish friend Pelle! He invited us home to his really nice apartment, decorated in a nice style with some of his lovely photos on the walls. He made a delicious dinner for us and then we talked all evening, trying out different tequilas. After 3 weeks we finally started to warm up to the most popular drink in Mexico. My favorite was the one with the worm in the bottom :) Yum! I forgot the name though so when I went looking for it in the stores I couldn't find it... I guess I have to go back one day! :)

One and a half day left in Guanajuato and still a very long to-do-list. So of course we work our way from the top to the bottom.

First on the list: Hiking in the mountains and watch the sunset from the top!

Pelle had some tips for us how to get there by foot. Unfortunately he couldn't join us. But it turned out to be a very fun adventure for 3 swedish tourists :)

Stay tuned!

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Anonym sa...

Verkligen trevligt att se de fina bilderna och läsa om vad ni hittade på i Mexico.
When it´s peace on the earth I will visit Guanajuato!