Gunajuato part 2 - pAsta pArty and a worldwide family!

pAsta pArty
After fighting a cold for a few days Jonathan finally got better, but I unfortunately got worse. I went from having a sore throat and no energy to coughing so much and blowing my nose all the time. Not really how I had planned to spend my days. I tried to find balance by resting one day, and then doing something fun the next day. A way to get my rest but still be able to enjoy our vacation.

First thing on our list: attend a party a couple in the congregation had - a pasta party!

Robert & Jonathan
Some of the view
Apparently they love italian food. So that's what they had. And it was delicious. Italian food in Mexico? Yup, that works! They had a very nice apartment with an incredible view from their balcony. I had my 50mm lens on so I couldn't quite capture their view in one photo... It's not good for landscapes. But I did catch a bit of the beautiful, colorful sky! And I got to play around with bokeh because they had a lot of lights hung up on their terrace and in the background you could see all the houses lit up, so that was pretty cool.

After eating (a lot) and talking with everybody there, including my friend that I haven't seen in 10 years or so, it was time for a game. Yay! I love games.  But what should you not do when you have a bad cough? Talk. And talk very loud. And get overexcited and talk, talk, talk. So what game did we play? Tabu. If you know that game you know it's about explaining words and guessing them. Which means talking. A lot. And getting excited and talk too loud so everybody can hear you! Did I have any voice when we left? Barely. Did I cough less after that night? Um no... Did I have a lot of fun? YES! Did I regret going? NO! :) :) :)

So many amazing new friends that I look forward to get to know better!

The next day was my resting day. I can't remember exactly what I did now (as I write this from Sweden)...but I guess I snuggled with the sweetest little cat and had some breakfast in the sun with the incredible view. And maybe my brother came over and made us delicious quesadillas for lunch. And maybe we had a nice evening playing cards and watching a movie (that I fell asleep to). Because that's how I remember the relaxing days in Mexico.

Soup = Azteka
Thursday included time out in the service. But I had to start late because of my cold. So I sort of missed the best part. And that is walking the streets of Guanajuato asking people "hablas ingles?" and hopefully finding some people to talk to. I joined the group when it was time for lunch and we found a very nice place. And I had a delicious Mexican soup, Azteka. Yum! After that we continued the service a little while, then we checked out Guanajuato. 

Out in the service
Later in the evening we sat down at Kingdom Hall for the second time on this trip, and I was happy to be back! Unfortunately I spent the meeting running to the bathroom all the time blowing my nose :( But the very great thing about the meeting was that all our closets friends participated in the program. That was very special!

After the meeting we were invited home to several people which warmed our hearts. But the offer we accepted was something I really needed. Brenda, a sister in the congregation offered to take a look at me and my cold. She's a pediatrician. And she drove me to the other side of the town, examined me, took me to a pharmacy and then back home. And she wouldn't let me pay because we're family. 

That's us. A worldwide family!

Over and out!

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